How To Recognize Types Of Stationery Printing Paper?

Posted by Admin on September, 19, 2020

The printing paper market today is filled with options; but, to make the right selection you must match the desired look of your product with the printing paper characteristics. Understanding the properties of every printing paper and toning them with your product needs can be pretty a challenging task.

For paintings and digital pictures, you can contact Printing Paper Manufacturers Uttarakhand who can supply papers with a soft look and good colour range, the velvet paper.

How to choose printing paper as per your requirement?

When using a home printer for non-commercial activities, such as homework, essays and personal use you can choose to go for the least expensive, which will suffice for the jobs as the quality is not important.

When it comes to business however you need to be a lot choosier. If you decide not to use a professional printing house you must buy quality printers, ink and paper that can cope with the high level of demand and professional quality.

Grades of material will determine how well it shows up the graphics and details which are applied. When talking about grading there are a few aspects which are taken into consideration. This includes the width and overall weight of the paper, the planned use and also the look are all important.

The desktop-grade is suitable for home and personal use. Offset grade is used to make more commercial products such as CD inlays and covers, leaflets and brochures and prospectuses.
The density of the material needs to be considered if you plan to use both sides. Choosing a thicker layer stops you from being able to see through the other side.

Types of printing papers

Matte paper
It looks dull and grainy. It is usually used in businesses where the final printed document should be non-glare and non-glossy, which makes it look subtly stylish. It is available in many different shapes and sizes, and one can choose the most suitable type.

Glossy paper,
As the name suggests, is glossy, meaning it is lively. As colours seem more vibrant on the glossy surface than on matte paper, glossy paper is suited all around. It can be used for printing multi-coloured images, or to make any kind of text or a design to look elegant.

Iron on Transfer
It is used to print images as well as objects on dark fabrics. The images can be printed by the use of an opaque inkjet transfer paper, and then they can be transferred on to the required surface. Iron on transfer paper lasts for a long time and is mostly used in printing presses.

Photographic paper
It is coated with some sort of shiny substance and is specifically designed to print digital photographs. It is used in inkjet and laser printers to print digital images. It is best used for high-quality photo prints. This kind of paper has high usability in printing companies and hence the demand for photographic paper is always high.

Qualities of a good Printing Paper Manufacturer
• Paper pulp use for manufacturing must be prevalent market trends followed globally
• The highest quality parameter must be used for production
• Must have good manufacturing capacity for bulk production
• Final product must meet the quality standard like ISO
• The printing paper must be manufactured with all the sizes and specifications

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