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Crafting Quality Paper for Every Need

At Katyayini Paper Mills, we go beyond the ordinary act of paper production; we elevate it to an art of excellence. Since our establishment in 2008 in Kashipur, Uttarakhand, we have emerged as the preeminent paper mill in North India, specializing in the creation of high-quality Writing & Printing Paper.

Journey of Triumphs: Our milestones at a Glance

Katyayini Paper Mills has embarked on a journey marked by significant success and continuous innovation. Our achievements in production volumes have solidified our standing in the market and underscored our operational excellence. We have notably increased our production capacity, a move that highlights our dedication to growth and our ability to cater to escalating demand. Our global presence has been firmly established, with operations extending to international markets such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Dubai. Each milestone in our journey underscores our commitment to excellence and cements our status as a leading entity in the global paper industry.


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International Presence:
Sri Lanka, Nepal, Dubai

Our Vision

At Katyayini Paper Mills, we envision a future where the paper industry embraces sustainable practices while delivering unparalleled quality. As pioneers, we strive to set new benchmarks in sustainability, innovation, and product excellence. Our goal is to revolutionize conventional paper manufacturing processes, infusing every aspect of our operations with environmental consciousness. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire positive change within the industry and beyond.

Welcome to a world where tradition meets technology to create exceptional paper products. At Katyayini Paper Mills, we blend decades of expertise with cutting-edge practices to redefine papermaking. Join us in exploring our story, values, and vision


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We pride ourselves on sourcing our premium paper products from top-tier manufacturers globally, adhering to the most stringent quality benchmarks.

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Thanks to our vast network of trusted suppliers, Katyayini is able to provide exceptional value, offering competitive prices without ever sacrificing the quality.

Dependable Supply

We are committed to consistent and reliable supply, ensuring our products are delivered to our clients precisely when needed, every time.

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