About Us

Welcome to a world where tradition meets technology to create exceptional paper products. At Katyayini Paper Mills, we blend decades of expertise with cutting-edge practices to redefine papermaking. Join us in exploring our story, values, and vision

Nestled in the serene city of Kashipur, Uttarakhand, India, Katyayini Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd. stands proudly at the forefront of the paper industry, offering sustainable paper solutions to a diverse range of clients and industries worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction, we have earned the reputation of being a trusted leader in the production and distribution of a vast range of high-quality recycled paper.

Since our inception in 2008 with a modest production capacity of 30 TPD, our manufacturing has experienced exponential growth over the years. Through strategic planning, innovative technologies, and dedicated teamwork, we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to an impressive 250 TPD, cementing our position as a major player in the industry, all achieved with unwavering commitment and 100% efficiency.

As pioneers in the paper industry, we take great pride in our ability to manufacture a diverse range of paper products, including Writing & Printing Paper, Semi-kraft, and Newsprint, while consistently upholding stringent ISO standards throughout our operations.

Awards and Certifications

Katyayini Paper Mills is proud to be recognized with prestigious awards and certifications, reflecting our commitment to excellence and quality. Our recognitions include:

ISO Certification for quality management
PaperEX for innovation in paper manufacturing
Uttrakhand Ratan for outstanding contribution to the industry
BIS for product standards
VEXIL BPS for business process services

Who Built It?

It is indeed commendable to see how Mr. Rajesh Agarwal’s leadership and expertise have propelled Katyayini Paper Mills to become a major player in the paper manufacturing industry. His vision and dedication to the company’s growth have resulted in a significant increase in production capacity, which is a testament to his capabilities as a leader in the field of paper manufacturing.

The recognition Mr. Rajesh Agarwal has received through prestigious awards like Uttrakhand Ratan and awards at PaperEX further validates his contributions to the industry. These awards not only showcase his personal achievements but also reflect positively on the growth and success of Katyayini Paper Mills as a whole.

It’s inspiring to know that Mr. Rajesh Agarwal’s family members, including his wife Mrs. Deepika Agarwal and son Mr. Digansh Agarwal, are actively involved in supporting and contributing to the industry’s success. Their collective efforts and commitment to taking the paper manufacturing sector to greater heights demonstrate a strong family-driven approach to business and growth.

Our view

Progress Through Innovation and Technology

As we continue to grow, our commitment to leveraging technological advancements has deepened. This commitment is evident in the significant expansion of our factory’s capacity, achieved by incorporating high-quality machinery and the latest technology. The result is a substantial enhancement in our plant’s output, now operating with unparalleled efficiency.

“Innovation serves as the cornerstone of our endeavors at Katyayini Paper Mills, with technology acting as the catalyst for our continual progress. Together, they shape our journey towards excellence in the paper industry.”
– Rajesh Agarwal: Managing Director

Our mission

Embarking on a Path of Purposeful Excellence: Our Mission at Katyayini Paper Mills

Attain excellence and consistency in quality
Preserve the environment
Operate cost-effectively
Ensure total customer satisfaction
Enhance value for shareholders, employees, and associates
Achieve supremacy in the industry

With each step we take, we remain steadfast in our mission, forging a legacy of quality, sustainability, and unmatched service in the paper industry.

Our team

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John Baker

Managing Director

Maria Warden

Head of HR

Robert Fox

Accounting Director

Warren Chae

Head of Technology

Sarah Baker

Creative Director

Felix Kjellberg

Head of Operations