Royal Majestic Writing & Printing Papers

Katyayini Paper Mills presents the Royal Majestic range, perfect for various printing and publication needs such as textbooks, stationery, and promotional materials. As a renowned manufacturer and supplier in Uttarakhand, we guarantee papers of the highest quality – white, smooth, and versatile. Available in bulk at affordable prices, our efficient distribution network ensures timely delivery. Trust Royal Majestic for all your high-quality paper needs.


Size: A3, A4
Material: Superior Quality Paper
Thickness: 0.5-1.5gsm
Application: Versatile Printing Uses
Color: Pure White - Pattern: Plain
Brightness: 100%

With each step we take, we remain steadfast in our mission, forging a legacy of quality, sustainability, and unmatched service in the paper industry.

Our team

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John Baker

Managing Director

Maria Warden

Head of HR

Robert Fox

Accounting Director

Warren Chae

Head of Technology

Sarah Baker

Creative Director

Felix Kjellberg

Head of Operations