Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

A term used to describe a company’s efforts to improve society in some way. KATYAYINI PAPER MILLS PVT. LTD., being a responsible corporate citizen and guided by the philosophy of inclusive development, is committed to raise the socioeconomic status of underprivileged people in the society.

What else can be better than the proper education to achieve this?

The company adopted two government primary schools in the surrounding villages of its “Kashipur” manufacturing unit.
These schools were facing various challenges like low student enrolment ratios, poor grades and lack of infrastructure. Coupled with this was prevalence of apathy towards education in the society resulting in lower standards of living.


The company took following initiatives under its CSR programme:

  • Availability of basic amenities like clean water, sanitation facilities and classroom furniture etc.
  • Construction and repair of classrooms, boundary walls, staff room and mid-day meal hall.
  • Beautification of playground along with the installation of swings and slides.
  • Creation of thematic paintings on the school walls for intriguing students’ interest in studies.
  • Distribution of uniforms, bags, shoes, stationary and utensils for mid-day-meal.
  • Cultural activities to create awareness.

The company’s CSR committee is committed to ensure the continuity and proper maintenances of the above initiatives.

The company’s efforts created awareness amongst parents and students towards education.

The students showed increased interest in attending the school.

The impacts are visible in the form of improved enrolment ratios, increased attendance and better grades.

The initiatives taken by company will propel the students to get the better education, which will lead them to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Apart from above, our Companies help under CSR activities to the registered Trust or Society,
“Jimmedari Foundation” which is a part of project “Mission Khushiyan”

Our team

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